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Import polyurethane injection machine in Pakistan 03001355559

polyurethane injection machine
Welcome to Asian International Pakistan
Contact: 03001355559 (Whatsapp/Wechat/Viber/Imo)
Website: www.asian.pk
Asian International is Modern Indenting and sourcing company offering its services topolyurethane injection machine & allied Industries for procuring Machinery,Raw materials, packaging , spare parts and others items from world renowned and trusted Manufacturer with international standards. We believe in providing excellent services to local customers and enable and facilitate our foreign Principals and suppliers to sell and market their products in Pakistan as they sell in their own country. We protect interests of both parties equally and mutually without any discrimination. Also our approach towards indenting is not just for one time transaction, instead we believe into building long term relationship with local customers and International supplier on the basis of trust, loyalty and mutual interest.
Asian International team consists of professional’s entrepreneurs and has long association with Worldwide  renowned polyurethane injection machine manufacturing Industries. and has extensive experience in supply chain management, Indenting & sourcing in international procurement and imports of polyurethane injection machine along with variety of other industrial consumables used in almost all industries in Pakistan.
Asian International team consists of professionals previously associated with Pakistan renowned
companies and has experience in supply chain management, Indenting & sourcing and in international procurement and import of polyurethane injection machine along with variety of other industrial consumables mostly used in almost in all industries in Pakistan.
Asian International constantly seeks opportunities to add value to its clients’ business. We provide a unique platform to our overseas principals for marketing their products effectively in Pakistan. We look for opportunities of mutual shared benefits, whilst offering the highest possible service levels and flexibility to ensure that both parties enjoy a successful and profitable relationship. Asian International stands for quality services, constantly enriched with our zeal to become one of the leading international trading and indenting company in Pakistan.
Asian International is currently representing world renowned manufacturers from Germany, Belgium, Malaysia, India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Gulf countries, Australia and USA for marketing their products in Pakistan. The company has a strong customers profile for the products being marketed on behalf of its International Principals.

About Us

By grace of almighty ALLAH, our organization M/S ASIAN INTERNATIONAL is one of the fastest growing indenting companies in Pakistan, aiming at providing quality services to our valuable customers. Our head office is located in Lahore. We have a latest business and communication facilities besides experienced indenting staff and linkages in polyurethane injection machine
We are fully aware of the continuous increasing demands of polyurethane injection machine industry of Pakistan. Every polyurethane injection machine company wants high quality Equipment & materials at competitive prices along with proper and complete documents. We consider consistency and reliability of the suppliers and we assure our customers to take care of all their requirements. Our experience includes indenting of different chemicals and raw materials of pharmaceuticals.
We are hopeful that our local and international clients would contribute in achieving a good share of business and profit through working with us.
While keeping work force diversity in consideration, Asian International has been divided in  four different departments so that smooth business operations to be conducted efficiently and effectively with ease.

  • Business Development Department
  • Commercial Department
  • Packaging Department
  • Sales & Marketing

polyurethane injection machine


Our aim is to gain the confidence of our new business partners on the basis of honesty, devotion and mutual understanding. We have proven us to be the most reliable indenters to our valued business individuals and we believe that our new entrepreneur would give us the same opportunity to avail our best services.
We are further increasing our indenting business in other Sectors as well. Further we have intentions to deal in Pharmaceutical machinery sector in order to flourish the aim of indenting business to the pinnacle of success.

polyurethane injection machine


Our vision is to make our mark in the market while consolidating our presence in areas of our present operations; we shall continue to seek new opportunities where we can leverage our skills.

polyurethane injection machine

Contact: 03001355559 (Whatsapp/Wechat/Viber/Imo) Email: [email protected] Website: www.asian.pk

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